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Chatbot Specialist

"Helping Amazon Brands boost keyword rankings

and increase revenue using​

Messenger Marketing and Facebook Ads "

Most Business Owners Get It

They focus on “tricks” and “band aid” solutions rather than
following the correct process in creating, running and optimizing Facebook Ads.

I will help you find the right audience and achieve specific goals by extensive research and applying the latest Facebook Ads strategies.

Let’s run awesome Facebook ads backed by marketing fundamentals and human psychology. 


Do you want to stop guessing and crossing your fingers when running Facebook ads?

What Services you will Get from me!

Fast and proactive communication so that you will know every step taken to your Facebook ad campaigns.

Clear and reasonable deadlines for all actions to take that will surely be met. We will come up timelines suited to your needs.

Delivering fast and awesome results every single time! There is no such thing as failure in running Facebook campaigns, there are only learning experiences that will pave the way to the success of your business.

" When I found Michael, I was struggling with understanding and analyzing my FB ad campaigns. I was a do it yourself kind of person, but I made many small errors that resulted in spending more money on ads than I meant to spend and without the right results. Michael came to my rescue! He analyzed the mistakes in my FB ad campaigns, corrected pixel location and challenged me to come up with better ads and services. The thing I really appreciate about Michael is that he thinks ahead towards the vision of where I want my business to be and he helps me strategize on how to get there.Most importantly, he executes the strategy with action. My email list doubled in 1 month with his guidance. I highly recommend Michael to anyone starting out and anyone already building their business with FB ads. He is on top of the latest techniques and trends and will do the work to help you understand them and use them.
Pat Beaupre Becker
Certified Life Coach
" I was delighted with the work Michael did for me on some Facebook ad problems I'd been having. He sorted them out in short order and very professionally. It was clear he has an expert's handle on facebook advertising and I will absolutely work with him again. Highly recommended!
Molly Larkin
Author: The Morning Book
" I have been amazed at his creativity, knowledge and pro-active work style. While he was originally hired to do my Facebook advertising, he has proven himself to be knowledgeable and willing to take on tasks very much beyond our original agreement.
Waverly J. Hanson
Licensed Relationship Coach
" I have worked with Michael during my cadetship in Material Engineering Group at Fairchild. He served as my mentor. He taught me the ins and outs of material qualifications and evaluations. In the 6 months that I have worked with him, I have seen how he is dedicated in his work. He would always make a number of review of his work prior submitting to make sure he delivers the best that he is expected to do. He has the passion for excellence and he values professional relations.
Manuelito Pagdato
QA Engineer

Do you want to stop guessing and crossing your fingers when running Facebook ads?

I Am Not The Perfect Facebook Ads Guy For You If...

You want "quick fixes" and "band aid" solutions for your Facebook ad campaigns.

You consider Facebook ads as an expense rather than a long term investment to grow your business.

You want to spend your precious time with cheap and ordinary Facebook Ads managers that likely don't understand your audience, don't have the right skills and mindset.

If you want someone that will give you long term solutions that will drive business growth, we'll be a good fit. I love to be your partner in creating impressive Facebook Ad Campaigns that normal ad managers can't do.